Port Askaig 100° proof


Malt Mileage Rating: ★★★☆

Type: Single malt

Origin: Islay, Scotland 

ABV: 57.1%

Port Askaig 100° proof is an independent bottling of a whisky from an undisclosed Islay distillery. 

Nose: This whisky smells young but sweet and fragrant – find sourdough and damp bread, sliced black olives, bright lemon, with caramel, hints of Mars bar and a sharp soapiness.

Taste: Sharp and astringent at first, the high alcohol content of this malt set my palate into a daze. But, my palate – as always – was eager for more. The taste of this whisky, as the nose suggests, was young and sweet. It tasted of polyester (seat belt), caramel, golden honey, and bright lemon; what I really enjoyed, though, were notes of ground coffee and chocolate. With water, the whisky released more fruit flavours (apple, especially). 

Finish: Spicy and drying, the finish was peppery and warming with wedges of lemon, rubber, latex gloves, cotton and buttered crusty burnt bread. 

Overall: This whisky would likely be the delight of the budget conscious peat lover; at the heart of this malt is uncomplicated – and young – sweet peat that delivers a peat fix as needed. Whilst the simplicity of this malt may leave some seasoned malt drinkers underwhelmed, there was something effortless about it – simple, young, peated malt accentuating the distillate over the oak. Adding a splash of water unveiled flavours of fruit, especially apple.  At its British price of about £37 (which is about A$62), I would buy a bottle. 

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