Pusser’s Spiced Rum

Pussers spiced

Recommended use: Enjoy neat, mixed

Malt Mileage Rating: ★★★★★

Type: Spiced rum

Origin: Barbados 

ABV: 35%

Price: £20

Rum powerhouse Pusser’s rum, perhaps most famous for its blue label and 15 year old “Nelson’s Blood” rums, have a number of other rums in its expanding portfolio: the “Gunpowder-proof”, the “Over-proof” and the “Spiced”. In this post, Malt Mileage gets close and personal with – Yo Ho Ho – a bottle of Pusser’s Spiced Rum.

Distilled from a wash of fermented molasses, which comes from sugar grown in the Demerara river valley in Guyana, Pusser’s Rum is aged in charred oak bourbon barrels for at least three years. To make Pusser’s Spiced Rum, Pusser’s steep locally sourced Caribbean spices in the rum for seven days. On the seventh day the now spiced rum receives the blessings of the distillery, and is declared ready to lighten up the days of “ye” rum faithful.


The nose offers an elaborate bouquet of vanilla, soft rummy molasses, burnt toffee, season all, orange zest, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, and the dominating aroma of ginger. The glass brims with the sweet molasses rich aroma of rum and a labyrinthine array of exotic Caribbean spices.  On the palate, the entry tastes of luscious vanilla, molasses, demerara sugar, warming ginger and mild cinnamon. It is flavourful, and yet surprisingly mellow and quaffable. The taste of orange peel emerges into the finish, and joins the sugary aged rum, ginger spice, and vanillas. Pussers Spiced Rum is a delectable mixture of sweet aged rum and a symphony of natural spices, led by warming ginger and zesty orange peel. Divine.  

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