Sheep Dip Old Hebridean 1990

Spirit Name:
Sheep Dip “Old Hebridean” 1990  
Best served:
The Islay inspired peat and earthy beach theme shines within a heart of sherry that rises from an ashy core, combing to finish with the bite of brine and a cocktail olive.  

Tasting notes:
Sheep Dip “Old Hebridean” 1990 is a “vatted malt”. Sheep Dip have blended already aged whisky from Ardbeg, Dalmore and Fettercairn and aged that blend for a further 15 years. During this time, the whiskies “marry” and are reinvigorated with a new character. 

The age in this whisky is clearly evident as it coats the tongue with an oiliness that releases bursts of peat from a foundation of sweet sherry and lovely old wood. 

Nose: The Ardbeg peat rises up from an ashy core, carrying the earthy beach notes that scream out I-S-L-A-Y! The spray of sea salt and the mild medicinal sting of iodine is is interlaced with freshly cut lush lawn and the bright glow of sweet sherry and glazed cherries dipped in chocolate. This sweetness chimes softly within the chorus of luscious age and wood. 

Taste: There are some beautiful blends in the world that marry peat rich whisky from Islay and Sherry rich whisky from Speyside, but by far two that stand out in my opinion are the Compass Box Last Vatted Malt and the Sheep Dip Old Hebridiean. The “Old Hebridean” offers a distinct Ardbeg theme that is interlaced within the Dalmore inspired sweetness; they never clash but instead gel together with harmony as the brine, green olives and peat intermingles with the sweet fruitiness.  The bitterness of burnt caremalised sugar moderates this sweet fruitiness as a buttery creaminess lingers on the palate which radiates with sugary sweetness and mild lashings of peat and sea spray. 

Finish: This whisky delivers a strong finish that remains on the tip of the tongue, the bitterness morphs into a dull but strong delivery of honey and spice; a honey that recedes into a fog of bitter oak and and the bite of a cocktail olive. 
Very complex whisky with some peat that does not dominate, but rather compliments the chorus of character beautifully. Do the sums, and what you have is some very old whisky!  
Bottled at 40% ABV means that the fireworks do not shine as brightly as I would like! 
 $99 (Aus)

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