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The Big Black Cock Whiskey

In this post I review The Big Black Cock Whiskey from tropical north Queensland, Australia. Continue reading

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Jack Daniel’s and The Miracle Fruit

The beads of sweat on my brow were a constant reminder of the tropical heat. I was in far north Queensland. An Aboriginal healer named Mooksie had shown us poisonous bush plums earlier that day, which, according to my untrained … Continue reading

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Paul John Indian single malt whisky: Brilliance, Classic, Edited, Bold and Peated

India is a fascinating country. A dozen fulfilled lifetimes would probably not be enough time to explore all the cultures, cuisines, customs and traditions within India. Now, there is one more thing to explore: Indian single malt whisky.     … Continue reading

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Iridium Gold Rum by Mt Uncle distillery

Type: Rum Origin: Tropical north Queensland, Australia  ABV: 40%

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