Tasting an almighty trinity from Teeling whiskey: Teeling 24 year old single malt, 17 year old single malt and Stout Cask

Three samples of Teeling whiskey arrive at Maltmileage headquarters

Three samples of the lastest limited release small batch Teeling whiskies from Ireland have made their way to maltmileage headquarters in Melbourne: Teeling 24 year old single malt, Teeling 17 year old single malt Jim Barry Shiraz Cask Collaboration, and Teeling whiskey stout cask collaboration with Galway Bay brewery. Now, with three whiskey glasses sitting ready, it is time to taste these whiskies from the Emerald Isle.  Continue reading “Tasting an almighty trinity from Teeling whiskey: Teeling 24 year old single malt, 17 year old single malt and Stout Cask”

Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey


Type: Whiskey

Origin: Ireland

ABV: 46%

Reaction: 🙂

Teeling single grain Irish whiskey is made predominately from maize/corn and then distilled using column distillation. Once distilled it is fully matured in Californian Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels, now that is something novel and interesting! I tip my hat to you, Teeling. 


On the nose there is lots of twisted orange peel, dusty corn flour, date scone, dried fig, spice and brown vinegar.


On the palate the whiskey is very smooth and sweet, with the snap of sweet ethanol and a vodka-like pinch. The ethanols are a little more pronounced than what I like, but orange peel seems to be the central theme and it almost tastes like a whisky based cocktail with an orange citrus twist. Also find spice, pepper, wood, nutmeg and caramel.


On the finish the wood lingers with hints of spice, yogurt coated cranberry, dried dates, anise seed, icy cold schnapps, and caramel.

Bottom line:

Buy it, if you want to try a single grain Irish whiskey that is smooth, sweet and quaffable. Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey seems to be dominated by the ethanol in the spirit, which gives the whiskey a vodka-like character that underpins much of the other flavours, but it went down a treat. 

Teeling Small Batch


Score: ★★★

Origin: Ireland

Type: Blended whiskey 

ABV: 46%

Price: $A49.90 (Aus), US$32-38 (USA)

Teeling Small Batch is a no age statement whiskey from Ireland. It is a blended whiskey that is non chill filtered, finished in rum casks and then bottled at 46% abv.  The kind of barrels used for the maturation of the whiskies that comprise Teeling Small Batch do not appear to have been made public.


On the nose menthol cough drops meet herbal schnapps with a refreshing menthol nip, but underlying the herbal notes are bread and butter pudding, raisins, banana chips, vanilla cream, raw sugar and coffee drops through unfortunately sweet ethanol pierces through the centre of the bouquet and smells like rubbing alcohol. It seems to me that the sharper piercing alcohol collected (which is collected earlier in a distillation run as “heads” and sometimes merged with some of early “hearts”) have not had time to be sufficiently mellowed by oak which means that they, on my nosing, pierced through the bouquet and snapped aggressively with the cutting smell of ethanol. 


Sweet tropical fruit emerge, especially lychee in syrup, accompanied by herbal smoke and underlying floral notes, cinnamon, rose Turkish delight, cooked apple and peaches, honey, citrus and a mild creaminess; a symphony of flavours that are unfortunately interrupted by a somewhat rough and sharp bite of alcohol, which seems similar to the cutting burn of a polished vodka or younger whisky.


The finish continues the sweet tropical theme, as papaya and pineapple merge with dark chocolate, star anise, honey, Irish Moss and herbal medicinal cough drops though that lingering burn of ethanol remains.

Bottom line:

Cautiously consider it, if you are after an Irish whiskey under $50 that you are more interested in drinking with company rather than analyzing closely. This whiskey strikes me as a no frills offering from Teeling which, despite some lovely flavours, is disrupted by rough and sharp bites of ethanol. This might disappoint the whisky aficionado. Despite its excellent price, I would not buy it. This whisky is a shadow of Teeling’s other (age statement) products, of which the Teeling 21 year old sits at the very top.