Borders Distillery, Scotland’s newest whisky distillery, to open its doors

Borders distillery founders.jpg
L-R: George Tait, Tony Roberts, John Fordyce and Tim Carton

Just north of Scotland’s border with England, near the River Teviot, sits the Scottish town Hawick. Hawick sits in the council area Scottish Borders. Many miles away from Scotland’s major whisky producing areas, notably the distillery dense whisky region Speyside, Scottish Borders’ last distillery is thought to have closed its doors in 1837.

In recent years, distilleries have begun sprouting in Scottish Borders. One is the Kelso Gin Company. The other, which is of more interest to whisky fans, is the Borders Distillery.

Fast forward to 6 March 2018. That day, at precisely 10.11am, new make spirit started to trickle out of a copper pot still under the watchful eye of staff at the Borders Distillery – this marked the first time in about 181 years that new make was produced in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland with a view to making it into whisky (well, legally at least!). Continue reading “Borders Distillery, Scotland’s newest whisky distillery, to open its doors”

Old St Andrews “Twilight” 10 year old

Type: Blended Malt Scotch whisky

Origin: Scotland  

ABV: 40% 

Malt Mileage rating: stars 4

Reaction: 😃 Continue reading “Old St Andrews “Twilight” 10 year old”

Bruichladdich Laddie Classic Scottish Barley


Recommended use: Serve neat

Rating: ★★★

Type: Scotch malt blend

Origin: Islay, Scotland

ABV: 50%


Cereal, banana, caramel, creamy vanilla, peach and nectarine combine with some floral notes.


Malty with hues of saltiness, and while initial hints of tropical fruit tease the palate, nothing really eventuates; this tastes like young whisky with unsettling bursts of alcohol. Also find some apple, cantaloupe and vanilla with very mild spice.


Pineapple and toffee apple mostly come through on the finish.

Bottom line:

This is an overpriced whisky in my opinion – tastes young, alcoholic, rough and, according to my taste buds, undercooked and taken out of the American oak barrels prematurely. Bruichladdich will have to get this whisky back in a barrel and slap an age statement on the bottle for me to consider another look at this malt; no doubt a superbly distilled whisky, but it just tastes young.