Highland Park 30 year old (revisited, 3/1/2016)


Recommended use: Serve neat, for God’s sake!

Malt Mileage Rating: stars 5

Recommendation: Buy it!

Type: Single malt

Origin: Orkney island, Scotland

ABV: 48.1%

User rating for Highland Park 30 year old:

Highland Park 30 year old is the epitome of fine Scotch whisky in my opinion, find a labyrinth of notes including  an oak driven entry, dark chocolate, refined and aged peat smoke, leather, herbal tones (eucalyptus), earthy truffle oil, spice (cinnamon, nutmeg), fortified wine (sherry), dark toffee, dark fruit (plum, raisins), blueberries, orange peel, dark honey, and, lingering spicy oak with faint caffè mocha on the finish. This is one powerful, complex whisky. 

You could bribe your way into heaven – or, perhaps more fittingly,  Valhalla – with this stuff. Admittedly over 30 long years of maturation much of this liquid would have, through evaporation, made its way to the angels. Luckily, that having been said, they’ve probably acquired a taste for it. Sin away. 

Highland Park 30 year old is available for about $1,000 per bottle.