Highland Park Cask 1140 – HWF038

Type: Single malt whisky

Origin: Orkney, Scotland 

ABV: 66.4%

Malt Mileage rating: stars 4

Reaction: 😀

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Review: Whisky Loot

Some time ago, a business named “Whisky Loot” sent me an unsolicited e-mail requesting my postal address. Soon after sharing my place of abode with them, a “Whisky Loot” tasting pack arrived at my door.  The sample pack contained the following three 60ml bottles: 

  • Limeburners Port Cask 
  • Pure Scot 
  • Koval Four Grain

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Tasting three European brandies: Hennessy VSOP, Vecchia Romagna and Asbach Urbrand

Brandy, the quintessential staple for booze loving grandmas the world over, is pretty cool in my book.

Growing up, brandy was used to disinfect my wounds and it was sprinkled on my socks to ward off the flu. It added kick to home-made tiramisu and flavoured my grandpa’s espresso. Continue reading

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Limeburners Peated

Type: Single malt whisky

Origin: Western Australia, Australia

ABV: 48%

Malt Mileage rating: stars 4

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Q&A with Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller at Jack Daniel’s (Tennessee, United States)

Jeff Arnett - Jack Daniel's Master Distiller

Bottles of Jack Daniel’s feature heavily among the whiskies I have reached for most and polished off with ease, my most memorable “bottle kills”. The “Jack Daniel’s” logo has the ability to make me salivate and crave a big ole rack of ribs in an instant, and whenever the pressure is on to quickly choose a whisk(e)y (because the other half is waiting to watch a movie), my default option is usually to grab a bottle of JD and then snuggle up on the couch with a glass and our chihuahua. Apparently Frank Sinatra called Jack Daniel’s “the nectar of the gods”, and I tend to agree.
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Q&A with Paul John single malt (Goa, India)

Paul John single malt whisky caught my attention when I first tasted its core range, the Brilliance, Classic, Edited, Bold and Peated. Then, my attention with this brand of Indian single malt was maintained as it released a new expression, which I have also had the pleasure of tasting, the Paul John OlorosoContinue reading

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Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Type: Single malt whiskey 

Origin: Ireland 

ABV: 40%

Malt Mileage rating: stars 2

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