Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

sinatra select

Recommended use: Serve neat/with ice and a dash of water

Malt Mileage Rating: stars 5

Type: Tennessee whiskey 

Origin: Tennessee, United States

ABV: 45%

Price: AU$200 / US$150 / £140

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Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine


Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine is from Indiana in the United States. It is made from 99% corn and 1% barley, and “rested” in used bourbon barrels. The fact that it is rested in used barrels may mean that it can’t be called “bourbon”, because bourbon must age in new charred oak barrels.

Over the years, this “moonshine” has grown on me.  It is a very drinkable sweet spirit – initially sweet with lively raw grain-led flavour, it tastes of corn fritters, fruit bread, buttery vanilla and honey, while toasted wood and wisps of smoke progressively intensify with burnt toffee and anise seed toward the finish. 

Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine may provide a drinker with a style of liquor that is a little bit different to the ocean of bourbon on the market. For one thing, the underlying corn spirit doesn’t seem to compete with heavy flavours of American oak or rye; the corn is just there in all its golden glory, and it tastes finger lickin’ good.  

Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine currently sells for AUD$39 per 500ml bottle. 

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Rating: ★★★★★

ABV: 54.1%

Origin: Kentucky, USA

Price: $70 (Aus), $40 (USA)

Its aroma fills the room and suddenly, for whatever reason, the lyrics from John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom” start pounding in my head. It was at that first whiff I knew I was in for a wild ride that made me ponder just one question at every turn: can bourbon get any better? Yes, but not by much.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed is barrel proof bourbon which means that it is bottled straight from the barrel without cutting it down with water. At 54.1% alcohol volume it is rich hard hitting bourbon boasting heavy wood notes from new white oak barrels with #4 alligator char and a foundation of full flavoured grain with a dash of spicy rye to boot. This full flavour comes from the deep layered alligator char and the fact that Wild Turkey distills its whisky at what it describes as a lower proof, a distilling method which is thought to allow more of the grain flavour to carry through from the mash as the distillate is less concentrated with alcohol.

The nose presents with powdered brown sugar and sparks of paprika as smoothing layers of vanilla, mild chocolate and salted caramel moderates the big drying wood notes. Toasted coconut emerges, much like a macaroon, with shades of vanilla and cocoa. There is an aspect of earthiness combining with the grain and lashes of rye, as they shine with dried fruit, raisins, apricot, sweet strawberry sauce, fresh mint leaves and hints of maple syrup and brown vinegar. On the palate the taste buds are electrified with shades of rich charred oak, spicy cayenne pepper, rye and heavy dark chocolate with citrus peel as the sweetness of vanilla, maple, cigarette tobacco, mint, sultana, dates and the bite of pickled ginger counteracts those heavy dark notes. These flavours linger on the finish, and gradually begin to fade as the wood becomes more dominant as it accompanies flickers of cocoa, coffee, glazed cherry compote with vanilla pods and the faintest cinnamon.

Overall, this is a fine sipping bourbon that is enjoyed best at it’s full glory of 54.1%. Add ice if you must and mix it with your favourite mixer, but personally this is a bourbon best served neat and much like revenge, cold. Not too cold, though. I suggest keeping it in the fridge rather than the freezer as Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller suggests. After all, you don’t want to deaden your taste buds and miss all the action!

Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon

Spirit Name:
Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon
Kentucky, USA 
Good, sweet  
Best served:
Neat, mixed, in a cocktail  
Bourbon theme, mild spice, vanilla 
Spice is often the domain of the rum lords, as they decide on the mix of exotic flavours to accentuate the sugary character of their rum. No stranger to innovation, Wild Turkey has taken a similar approach with its Wild Turkey Spiced and crafted a spiced bourbon. 
Wild Turkey Spiced is basically the world famous Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight bourbon infused with natural flavours and spices. 
Malt Mileage had the opportunity to taste this new release from Wild Turkey. It is not overly sweet thanks to its natural ingredients, and it exhibits a warming glow of exotic spices that accentuate the flavours of the bourbon – the bourbon flavour remains with only subtle spices, which then intensify towards the finish. It is sweeter than the Kentucky Straight bourbon, with a lighter more rounded mouth-feel thanks to the added vanilla.   
This is a versatile drink, which holds its own in a mixed drink or cocktail and is enjoyable neat.
Tasting notes:
Nose: The bourbon theme remains, alive and strong, with only subtle shades of spice. Maple cured ham hits the nose, with sweet caramel, vanilla and hints of natural chai. 
Taste: Sweet, chocolate notes develop with a Christmas theme of rummy raisin cake and cracked cinnamon as sweet vanilla smooths the drying American oak notes. The bourbon dominates at mid-palate, and then recedes as the spices develop with intensifying sweetness and vanilla. 
Finish: The sweetness lingers, this time with mild coffee confectionery notes and hints of vanilla. That very mild maple on the nose returns, again with that sweet ham. This is very interesting spiced bourbon. 
Versatile, innovative, tasty
This is a spiced bourbon with some added sweetness from the flavouring 
$43 (Aus), $25 (US)