About Me

My name is Angelo Capuano. I live in Melbourne, Australia. By day, I am a lawyer. By night, on each full moon, I morph into a whisky aficionado.

This is my blog.

I am a whisky and spirits enthusiast who has been writing about whisky and spirits on maltmileage.com since 2013.
My whisky and spirit writing is a hobby which I have happily pursued for many years. Despite being a past-time, my writing has led to some amazing (and unexpected) experiences and milestones, including:

  • tasting thousands of whiskies and other spirits from all over the world, including Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, Austria, Cuba, New Zealand, India, Jamaica, South Korea, Panama, Switzerland, Taiwan.
  • jointly authoring and contributing to books about whisk(e)y;
  • being approached by New York based publishers to contribute to books about whisk(e)y;
  • being interviewed about whisk(e)y (one interview was even published in United Airline’s Rhapsody Magazine);
  • interviewing master distillers and blenders such as Richard Paterson (The Dalmore), Jeff Arnett (Jack Daniel’s) and Mark Littler (Hellyer’s Road), among others;
  • having my content published in magazines such as Broadsheet and Backpocket.
  • first-hand experience in the process of making spirits, including mashing, fermenting, distilling and ageing spirits.

My spirited adventure is getting more and more interesting with each passing year. This blog documents my journey, as I continue to explore the magnificent world of whisk(e)y and other spirits.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog!
Please feel free to contact me. All my reviews and ratings are my personal opinion.
Angelo Capuano

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