About Me

Having a well deserved pint of Scottish lager by the banks of Loch Ness.

My name is Angelo and I live in Melbourne, Australia. By day, I am a lawyer. By night, usually on each full moon, I morph into a whisk(e)y aficionado. 

Welcome to my whisk(e)y blog!

I started maltmileage.com in 2013 to indulge in my two hobbies, whisk(e)y and writing. While my whisk(e)y and spirits writing is just a past-time, I’ve been blessed to be able to taste thousands of whiskies from all over the world and be given private tours of Scottish single malt distilleries. 

I have contributed to books about whisk(e)y at the request of New York based publishers and been interviewed about whisk(e)y (one interview was even published in United Airline’s Rhapsody Magazine). I’ve also had the opportunity to meet or interview a number of master distillers, such as Dennis Malcolm (Glen Grant), Richard Paterson (The Dalmore), Jeff Arnett (Jack Daniel’s), Jim McEwan (formerly Buichladdich) and Bill Lark, among others.   

My spirited adventure is getting more and more interesting with each passing year. This blog documents my journey, as I continue to explore the magnificent world of whisk(e)y and other spirits.

So, pour yourself a dram, sit back and happy reading. I hope you enjoy my blog!  

Please feel free to contact me. All my reviews and ratings are my personal opinion.

Angelo Capuano

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