About Me


Here, I am pictured with Ian Chang of Kavalan Distillery in Taiwan

My name is Angelo Capuano. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I have been writing about whisky and spirits on maltmileage.com since 2013. I am a main contributor to a book about whisky and my musings on whisky (and photography) have appeared in a number of magazines. I have been interviewed for articles about whisky which have appeared in magazines, such as United Airlines’ Rhapsody Magazine (which has a readership of about 13,000,000 people per issue).

My passion for whisky and spirits was ignited in 2009 while I lived in the United Kingdom. I was completing my masters’ degree at Oxford University and we had a tasting of different Scotch whiskies in college. I remember being awe-struck by the sheer diversity of Scotch whisky. The first single malt I ever purchased was a miniature bottle of Tomintoul, but the smell and taste of the smoky Islay malts, especially Coal Ila, converted me into a life-long Scotch lover.

Before my whisky based enlightenment, few spirits (though, admittedly, a fair bit of spirit) had passed my lips – the most memorable being potent backyard Bulgarian hooch made by an ex-Soviet Navy man who sports a tattoo of an anchor on his arm. In Melbourne’s traditionally working class western suburbs in which I grew up, single malt was a luxury few people purchased. Most people drank cheap blended whisky, or entry-level bourbon. I didn’t know single malt existed until I started working in a liquor store while I was an undergraduate student.       

My time in the United Kingdom obviously changed all that because it exposed me to the world of whisky.

Since then, I have been on quite a spirited adventure. I’ve lost track of the number of spirits which I have tasted, but it is somewhere in the thousands. I have been very lucky, having been able to taste whisk(e)y from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, the United States, England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, Germany, Denmark, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Thailand and Bulgaria, for example. I have also tasted many brandies, rums and vodkas, and I am partial to a good cigar!

In addition to writing about whisky and spirits, I also enjoy taking photos of whisky and other spirits for my Instagram account “malt.mileage”. After all, George Bernard Shaw once said that “whisky is liquid sunshine”. Being a corneal transplant recipient I am thankful for the gift of sight, so my pictures tend to make use of scenery, colours and light. 

Please feel free to contact me. All my reviews and ratings are my personal opinion.

Angelo Capuano 

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