Indri Indian Single Malt Whisky

Not that long ago, it was unusual to easily find single malt whisky made outside of Scotland or Ireland. Now, we are spoilt for choice with single malt from all corners of the world being stacked on bottle shop shelves and available to buy online. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Israel, Taiwan, England, Wales, Italy, Germany, and France are just some countries which now have very successful single malt distilleries. India now joins the growing list of countries with single malt distilleries which have an international fan base. Joining the likes of Amrut and Paul John is the Piccadily distillery in India, which makes Indri single malt.

Indri single malt is made by Piccadily in a small village, Indri, which sits near the Himalayas in India. This climate’s extremes in temperature is, on paper, supposed to have a unique impact on the way the maturing spirit interacts, and draws out flaours, from the oak in which it matures. That oak includes first-fill ex bourbon, French wine and Pedro Ximénez casks. So, needless to say I’m keen to try this one.

This bottle is batch 03 and its was manufactured in May 2022.

Nose: First whiff, and it smells great. The ex wine cask influence is very pronounced (it smells like a dry white wine) and the spirit seems to give off mango and passion fruit. Oak sits at the back, and smells of damp bark and cigars.

Taste: Tangy passion fruit, charred pineapple and sweet maraschino cherries, with lots of warm spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) and bitter chicory. The whisky offers both spirit and plenty of wood, with a drying and mouth puckering tannic kick on the finish (think wet black tea leaves) that fades out into soft cocoa. I really like how the usual flavours you might typically expect from ex bourbon (vanilla, caramel) or ex Pedro Ximénez (raisin) did not dominate the show, and instead the whisky had its own unique and balanced fusion of flavours.

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