The Glengoyne Distillery releases Teapot Dram Batch No. 006

Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch No. 006.jpg

The Glengoyne distillery has just announced the release of Teapot Dram Batch No. 006, which is the latest release of the “Teapot Dram” series.

This sixth release, Batch No. 006, is matured in first-fill Oloroso sherry oak casks and bottled un-chillfiltered at a cask strength of 59.3%abv. One would expect nothing less from Glengoyne, which has built quite a reputation for producing high quality sherry matured single malt. Previous batches, Glengoyne Teapot Dram batches 1 and 3, have also been matured in ex-sherry casks and batch 6 continues the sherried tradition.

Speaking of tradition, the Teapot Dram series was created by Glengoyne to commemorate an old tradition at the distillery. Until the 1970’s workers at the distillery would be given three fingers of whisky from first fill Oloroso sherry casks three times per day, a fact which causes me to pause for a moment and wonder how on earth they got any work done. Apparently the younger stillmen stored some of their untouched drams in a copper teapot for their older colleagues, who presumably had developed an immunity to alcohol.

Billy Edmiston, Duncan McNicoll, Blair Mitchell (1).JPG
L-R Two of the original Glengoyne teapot drammers, Billy Edmiston and Duncan McNicoll, with Blair Mitchell who is a Warehouseman at the Glengoyne distillery and the youngest member of the Glengoyne production team. Source: supplied

Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch No. 006 retails for £90 per 700ml bottle and it is available to purchase exclusively from the Glengoyne distillery’s shop and online at

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