Glengoyne 10 Year Old ‘Spring Blossoms at Glengoyne’ Limited Edition tin

Jolomo with the Spring Blossoms painting and the Glengoyne Spring Tin.jpg
Jolomo with the “Spring Blossoms” painting and the limited edition Glengoyne 10 year old tin. Source: supplied

The Glengoyne distillery has recently collaborated with Glasgow School of Art graduate John Lowrie Morrison OBE (otherwise known as “Jolomo”) to produce the third release in a series of specially commissioned seasonal paintings which are inspired by the distillery. This third release, “Spring Blossoms at Glengoyne”, are set to be printed on limited edition Glengoyne 10 Year Old gift tins just in time for Christmas. 

Me at the Glengoyne distillery in June 2018

The artwork on the tins captures flowers in full bloom and a striking Dumgoyne hill towering over Glengoyne’s white still house and its traditional “chimney” or “ventilator” (or “pagoda”, as some have come to name the structure which sits at the top of kilns).

The Glengoyne distillery is just 14 miles north of Glasgow and sits at the foot of Dumgoyne hill, in the midst of rolling green hills and more sheep than one can count.

Jolomo’s artwork is a beautiful representation of Glengoyne, and it conjures fond memories of my tour of the Glengoyne distillery and its picturesque surrounds back in June 2018.

The limited edition tins each containing a bottle of the classic Glengoyne 10 year old and a print of “Spring Blossoms at Glengoyne Distillery” will be available to purchase online at from 17 October 2018 for £35.49.

Glengoyne say in its marketing materials that it will make a donation to The Glasgow School of Art. The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) was founded in 1845 as one of the first government schools of design and today it is a university level institution for Architecture, Design, Digital Visualisation, Innovation and Fine Art.

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