Apothecary Gin

Type: Gin

Origin: Tasmania, Australia ðŸ‡¦ðŸ‡º

ABV: 40%

Malt Mileage rating: ⭐⭐

Distilled by the Killara Distillery, this Tasmanian gin strikes me as an unremarkable addition to a saturated market that is overflowing with gin.

It is okay, but I can’t see why I would buy a bottle of this gin over what I consider to be the more palatable big players such as Hendrick’s, Bombay Sapphire etc and even other gins such as The Botanist. 

So, my very Aussie response to this gin is to give it a solid “Yeah Nah”. Yeah I understand it is a gin marketed as a “small batch” Australian gin (very en vogue these days). But nah, I’m not a fan of the gin. 

When this gin is mixed with tonic water, like Fever Tree or Schweppes, the gin’s botanicals seem to get lost in the flavour of the tonic so rather than the tonic accentuating the gin it overpowers the gin. That is probably my biggest disappointment with this gin. 

Nose: When nosing this gin I think of The Walking Dead’s Simon who changed from a “gin man” to being “into tequila” in the space of a few episodes because to him gin “seems like turpentine”. To me, Apothecary gin smells like hand sanitiser with ethanol dominating over subtle juniper, lemon, lime and what reminds me of parsley with dashes of pepper. 

Taste: The ethanol dominates on the entry, but beneath the heavy hitting alcohol is what tastes like lemon peel and pepper, with developing dried herbs (mint, coriander, parsley) and warming spices.   

Finish: The finish seems to have moderate spices, especially pepper, with orange peel, lime peel and fading herbs.   

Overall: Yeah nah. 

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