Dimple 15 year old

Type: Blended Scotch whisky

Origin: Scotland flag-for-scotland_1f3f4-e0067-e0062-e0073-e0063-e0074-e007f.png

ABV: 40%

Malt Mileage rating: ⭐⭐⭐


Dimple 15 year old is a blended Scotch whisky which is said to have in its recipe whiskies aged in ex-bourbon casks and single malt from the Glenkinchie and Linkwood distilleries. 

Despite its thin and watery texture, the whisky has a pleasant whack of flavour in the form of rough grain and jagged spices. Caramel, fruit cake, cocoa and wood smoke appear and then slowly fade, but spice is the real stand out. The finish is a little lackluster though, with splintery wood, smoke and a buttery finale.  

This is an easy-drinking whisky that I have sipped on all night long – strangely, its flimsiness may just be what makes it so drinkable. At its price, I think Dimple 15 year old is a great buy for anyone who just wants a tasty whisky. It may not blow my socks off, but I finished a bottle of the stuff and I enjoyed every gulp. 

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