Hyde No. 4 Rum Finish

Type: Single malt whiskey

Origin: Ireland 🇨🇮

ABV: 46%

Malt Mileage rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Hyde No. 4 Rum Finish is a 6 year old single malt that may or may not have been distilled at the Cooley distillery in Ireland.


Apparently, this whiskey is a limited edition offering from Hyde with 5,000 bottles reaching the market. It is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 6 years then “finished” in dark rum barrels from the Caribbean.

Nose: This whiskey’s bouquet is pretty unusual. It seems heavily floral and soapy, with plenty of lively zesty aromas and cinnamon adding some spark to undercurrents of cocoa, vanilla and bitter orange peel cake, and syrupy raisin compote. The gentle smell of the malt reminds me of a recently emptied pint of warm ale (and I’ve emptied plenty of pints!).

Palate: Absolutely f%#*ing delicious for such a young 6 year old single malt! Mouth-filling, it coats my mouth with a thin oily film that eventually tastes buttery. And you know what, this whiskey’s young age is its strength – it tastes of vivacious and heavy-hitting malty goodness, yet brims with chocolate, raisin and peppery warming spice that morph into cinnamon. There is a melee between bourbony toffee and rummy molasses, but the rum is victorious in the end.

Finish: Spice, chocolate and dried fruit fade into candied orange, vanilla and dried mango, and soft toasted oak flavours remain with sugars.

Overall: Despite just being “finished” in rum casks this whiskey is defined by heavy dark rummy and sugary flavours (they remind me a lot of Ron Zacapa). Hyde No. 4 Rum Finish is an abundantly drinkable young single malt with clean, complex and robust flavours – it’s one fine lip-smacking whiskey, boyo.

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