Bakery Hill Double Wood (Barrel 7773)

Type: Single malt whisky

Origin: Victoria, Australia

ABV: 46%

Malt Mileage rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Edit

Reaction: 😀

What a terrific Saturday afternoon – my wife and I are snuggled up on a sofa in the Lake House Daylesford’s Sutton Suite, and I have a glass of local single malt in my hand. That single malt is Bakery Hill Double Wood from barrel #7773.

Gosh, this is a flavour packed whisky. Caramel, citrus peel and spice (clove, cinnamon) is prominent at first, then cocoa and raisin lead into a classy finale of wood smoke, candied orange peel and spiced fruit mince pie/fruit cake. That clove and cinnamon keeps my palate tingling for ages, and after the spices fade turkish delight remains with lemon peel.

A splash of spring water seems to release more citrus peel and soften the spice a little. It still tastes of sweet fruit cake though. Absolutely delicious.

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