Limeburners Peated

Type: Single malt whisky

Origin: Western Australia, Australia

ABV: 48%

Malt Mileage rating: stars 4

Reaction: 😀

Nose: Vivacious citrus and lively pepper is lifted by the subtle aroma of peat, while soft smoke rolls out of the glass carrying sweet licorice, caramel and vanilla laced toasted oak. Candied orange peel and sugar glazed blueberry muffins make a cameo performance in what is a pretty spectacular bouquet. Wow. Mouth-watering.

Palate: Almost a carbon copy of the nose, but with some subtle differences. The whisky, as on the nose, is spicy and peppery with lemon peel, soft peat smoke and licorice, but on the palate it has more herbal glosses and an eccentric sweetness which reminds me of honey, sarsaparilla and sweet, squishy blueberries.  All that sits over fermentation flavours, ale and malted barley as bitter oak, like the bite of a wet cigar, is tannic and mouth puckering.

Finish: Long and complex, with bright citrus peel and slinky bitter oaky tannins, which taste like over brewed black tea and a teaspoon of honey. As the bitterness fades, what remains is a compote of waxy acidic green apples, drying yellow plum, dark chocolate, and a haze of peat smoke.

Overall: From the first sip it becomes abundantly clear it’s going to be hard to put down your glass. Limeburners Peated is an abundantly drinkable, lip-smacking and flavourful malt that showcases a tangled web of spicy, bitter, sweet, smoky and savoury. Sure, it is tannic and bitter, but so is a good espresso. Salute.

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