Garden Tiger Dry Gin

Type: Gin

Origin: Cotswolds, England 

ABV: 47% 

Malt Mileage rating: stars 4

Reaction: 😀

Nose: Wow, what a fragrant, fresh and clean bouquet – there is loads of citrus (especially orange peel and zesty lime), juniper, anise, and pepper. After a while, my glass smells like it is filled with orange peels, pepper and a shot of Sambuca. There is some ground nutmeg, too. 

Taste: Easy-drinking, yet intense and flavourful, I get a sweet “toothpasty” whack of mint, which develops into something like parsley and then fresher mint notes. There are big bold bright citrus flavours which taste of orange peel, and the whole flavour profile is dominated by sugary licorice, fennel and herbs. 

Finish: The finish is zesty and citrusy, jam packed with orange peel/mandarine, and peppery spices – it is bitter-sweet, like an orange marmalade. 

Overall: A terrific tasting gin, dominated by flavours that taste like citrus (especially orange peel), anise, parsley and mint (according to my taste buds). 

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