The Botanist Gin


Type: Gin

Origin: Islay, Scotland 

ABV: 46% 

Malt Mileage rating: stars 4

Reaction: 😊

The Botanist gin is made by the Scottish single malt producer Bruichladdich on the isle of Islay (with a still nicknamed “ugly Betty”, so I’m told). The gin is made using nine classic gin botanicals and 22 herbs and flowers from Islay.

Nose: Floral and zesty with citrus, minty toothpaste and anise seed. There is an array of vegetal aromas interwoven with familiar juniper.

Taste: The Botanist is sweet and quite herbal, with plenty of mint and citrus peel (especially lemon and lime).

Finish: The citrus becomes increasingly noticeable on the finish.

Overall: The Botanist is seriously complex gin with a zesty, vibrant, citrus heavy character. 

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