Kellybrook Apple Brandy

Type: Apple brandy

Origin: Victoria, Australia   

ABV: 37.5% 

Malt Mileage rating: Stars 3.5

Reaction: 😊

Kellybrook is a winery and cider producer in Victoria, Australia. Apart from making wine and cider, Kellybrook produce an apple brandy.

Kellybrook apple brandy is double distilled cider that is aged in Cognac oak for an average of 10 years. The brandy is easy-drinking and struck me as uncomplicated, fiery and drying, with plenty of apple and hints of spice.

When I paired this brandy with cheddar and salami, my palate jumped for joy! I eat a lot of cheese, but sipping this brandy made it that much more enjoyable to woof down a block of bitey Australian cheddar. I’m salivating just thinking about it.  


One thought on “Kellybrook Apple Brandy

  1. Now I wonder what my bottle of 1991 (bottling year) apple brandy is going to taste like in a few more years.
    We are going to open a bottle of the 1992 champagne cider and a 1992 Golden Still (noncarbonated) Cider this sunday from my stock, the first for 15 years the be opened.
    Funny thing is that they had some made from Jonathan apples as a trial when I picked the cases up and although it tasted powdery then, I bought some, it’s delicious now with a clean taste, just a bit extra lees in the bottom! They should try it again as a long term bottling still cider.

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