Baker’s Bourbon aged 7 years (batch B-90-001)

Type: Bourbon

Origin: Kentucky, USA  

ABV: 53.5% 

Malt Mileage rating: stars 4

Reaction: 😊

Nose: Drying toasted wood cuts through honey, nuts and caramel, and at its core sits bold grain notes, with wet dough and rich yeasty mash aromas.  

Taste: Despite having aged 7 years in oak, the grain steals the show together with layers of licorice and anise seed, corn bread, fresh mint, and burnt almond toffee praline with subtle vanilla and toasted oak. It has sublime balance at first, with the sourness and bitterness balancing out the sweetness, and then the sugars gradually dominate as the wood vanillas and caramels intensify. 

Finish: Once the sugars fade, the whiskey becomes drying, with the taste of charcoal, spices and flashes of caramel; and the mash flavours shine into a long, long finish with toasted wood, ginger nut biscuits, wood vanilla and coconut. 

Overall: What a masterfully crafted bourbon! I enjoyed every drop of this full-flavoured and characterful whiskey.

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