Old St Andrews “Twilight” 10 year old

Type: Blended Malt Scotch whisky

Origin: Scotland  

ABV: 40% 

Malt Mileage rating: stars 4

Reaction: 😃


Nose: Vanilla, nougat, caramel, dried fruit, with candied orange peel. At one stage, with one whiff, I thought I could smell a bag of oranges. For The Sopranos fans out there, the time Ralphie offered Tony a bag of Florida’s finest oranges comes to mind…  

Taste: Clean fiery malt, still vibrant and energetic, is softened by the oak, as the flavours tilt towards caramel, vanilla, toffee apple and soft spices. Fresh oranges, less sweet than on the nose, are a constant theme on the palate with sprigs of mint. 

Finish: Drying, with a woody tannic grip. Wet tea leaves are interlaced with refreshing mint confectionery, and brown sugar crystals. 

Overall: Another easy-drinking whisky from Old St Andrews that starts sweet and ends with a drying wooded finish that left me salivating and hooked me in for another dram… and then another dram. 

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