Old St Andrews “Fireside” 12 year old

Type: Blended Scotch whisky

Origin: Scotland  

ABV: 40% 

Malt Mileage rating: stars 3

Reaction: 🙂

Nose: Soft smoke and wisps of peat meet sweet layers of honey, toffee apple and dried apricot. 

Taste: Peat smoke, dry grass, embers, ash and hints of char are tamed by caramels, vanillas and dried orchard fruit. 

Finish: Candied orange peel, dehydrated mango, drying wood tannins and buttery vanillas. Gentle warming spices develop, then fade into cocoa and oat cake.  Bitter wood tannins nip the tip of my tongue.  

Overall: A moderately smoky and easy-drinking whisky that I would be perfectly happy to see within easy reach sitting on the arm rest of my sofa, perhaps by fireside. 

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