Maxime Trijol VS Cognac

Type: Brandy 

Origin: Cognac, France  

ABV: 40% 

Malt Mileage rating: Stars 3.5

Reaction: 😊

Nose: Fruity eau-de-vie, ripe figs and nectarine is interlaced with mild pepper, clove and plenty of vanilla; this is vibrant, fruity, fresh and subtly spicy.  

Taste: Prickly spices, figs, dried dates, subtle potpourri and vanilla, with youthful fire from the spirit.  

Finish: Sugary, with lingering dried fruit and smoothing buttery vanillas.  Soft clove and wood spices emerge, joining the fruit.  

Overall: A tasty and fruity Cognac with oodles of character from the spirit. 

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