A couple of Limeburners: M174 and M84 Western Australian Single Malt Whisky


From Albany in Western Australia, the Great Southern Distilling Company has been making “Limeburners” whisky for a number of years now. For me, each batch of Limeburners whisky keeps getting better and better. In this post, I taste two Limeburners whiskies which sound like secret agents for a British spy agency: M174 and M84. 

Limeburners M174 

Limeburners M174 is matured in a 200 litre ex-bourbon American oak cask, then finished in a 200 litre Australian fortified wine cask. It is bottled at 43%abv. 

Nose: Honeyed and resinous, there is red wine vinegar, raisins, loads of barley, and a slightly yeasty beer-like aroma.

Taste: Caramel, brandy, syrupy, maraschino cherries, morphing into fortified wine.

Finish: Sugary, with raisins, heavy sweet port and dark chocolate.

Overall: One for the sweet tooth – if you salivate at the thought of an over-the-top port or Pedro Ximénez matured malt that tastes just like liquid raisins, then this whisky may be your ticket to happiness. 👍

Limeburners M84 

Limeburners M84 is matured in a 200 litre ex-bourbon American oak cask, then finished in a 60 year old Australian fortified wine cask. It is bottled at 61%abv.  

Nose: Vanilla, honey, sourdough, banana bread, tropical fruit, raw sugar and barley.

Taste: Sweet and sugary, red wine vinegar is mixed with ginger. There is spice, wood vanilla, toffee and then, without warning, bold fortified wine. The taste of cherry liqueur chocolates leads into the finish with slightly herbal dark honey. 

Finish: Sultana, warming spices and caramel, with mild wood smoke and toasted oak. Breathing out, there is more of the herbal dark honey.  

Overall: This whisky offers a nice balance between ex-bourbon and ex-fortified wine cask influence – you beauty. 👍👍

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