Hellyers Road Tasmanian Whisky Cream Liqueur

HR whisky cream.jpg

Type: Whisky based cream liqueur 

Origin: Tasmania, Australia 

ABV: 17%

We have had unusually cold weather in Melbourne. A string of days in November were filled with an autumn chill, and then summer heat struck. It was 35 degrees Celsius on that first day of summer and a bottle of Hellyers Road Tasmanian Whisky Cream Liqueur had arrived at my door. Perfect.  

Hellyers Road Tasmanian Whisky Cream Liqueur is a blend of fresh Tasmanian cream and single malt whisky; a fairly sensible blend for a whisky distillery that is owned by the Betta milk company. This creamy delight, my fiancé opined, called for a woman’s touch. “Dessert in a glass”, she gushed licking her lips. “It tastes like chocolate, caramel, toffee and syrup, and it is perfect over ice on a hot summer day”, she said. 

For me, this liqueur smells like tiramisu in a glass. There is plenty of chocolate, biscuit, vanilla sponge, coffee/cocoa and, of course, a foundation of lovely alcohol. On the palate the liqueur is rich and creamy, again tiramisu comes to mind (but the home made kind, with plenty of the top shelf booze soaked into the sponge).  It tastes like Cadbury flake or a flaky truffle, and leaves a lovely malted milk biscuit finish with vanilla bean milkshake.  

Enjoy this liqueur on its own, over ice or with a decadent dessert.  Splash a bit in a coffee, or pour it over some ice cream. Better still, now that the festive season approaches, this liqueur is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas dessert.  At AUD$36.99 per bottle, I can envisage a (very) jolly Christmas for all this year. 

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