Bruichladdich Laddie Classic Scottish Barley


Recommended use: Serve neat

Rating: ★★★

Type: Scotch malt blend

Origin: Islay, Scotland

ABV: 50%


Cereal, banana, caramel, creamy vanilla, peach and nectarine combine with some floral notes.


Malty with hues of saltiness, and while initial hints of tropical fruit tease the palate, nothing really eventuates; this tastes like young whisky with unsettling bursts of alcohol. Also find some apple, cantaloupe and vanilla with very mild spice.


Pineapple and toffee apple mostly come through on the finish.

Bottom line:

This is an overpriced whisky in my opinion – tastes young, alcoholic, rough and, according to my taste buds, undercooked and taken out of the American oak barrels prematurely. Bruichladdich will have to get this whisky back in a barrel and slap an age statement on the bottle for me to consider another look at this malt; no doubt a superbly distilled whisky, but it just tastes young.

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