Bulleit bourbon 10 year old


Rating: ★★★★

Recommendation: Buy it

Type: Bourbon

Origin: Kentucky, United States

ABV: 45.6%

Reaction: 🙂


Masses of vanilla, candy lip gloss, dried dates and figs form the top layer of the bouquet. It is creamy and oily to smell. Find buttered and lightly toasted hot cross bun, toasted marshmallow, warm bakery spices, leather, sultana, cinnamon, Turkish delight and bright grain.


The sweet, mildly fruity, entry is followed by chocolate coated raisins and an onslaught of bright burning spices. Barbecued corn cob, char-grilled and brown with caramelized brown sugar and toffee then follow. This whiskey offers a lot of charred virgin American oak flavours, especially sugars and caramels. The oak balances nicely with the spirit, evidenced by the lively grain notes.


The Spice remains with toasted wood, dark honey and a chocolate coated dark cherry Turkish delight.

Bottom line:

Buy it. This is a seriously robust yet fine sipping bourbon that’ll release the inner cowboy. What really draws me to it, time and time again, its its fiery hard hitting spiciness; delicious alongside the helpings of caramel and sweetness from the charred oak. Despite spending at least 10 years aging in charred oak, the spirit and grains have a role to play in the chorus – I can hear the bluegrass now. Go ahead. Make my your day.

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