Blue Hanger 9th release (Berry Bros. & Rudd)


Rating: ★★

Type: Blended malt Scotch whisky

Origin: Scotland

ABV: 45.6%


On first nosing the whisky, it smells cheap. There are lots of vanillas and caramels, and that estery grain note that tends to develop as a distillation run gets into the tail end of hearts and into tails. It is a sweet, light and very well mannered dram. By no means impressive, though; and youngish. Truth be told, I get a lot of new make (newly distilled spirit) from the bouquet of this whisky – an estery grain, in particular. 


Sharp, granular, jaggered and rough. The mouth-feel is not even worth mentioning, as the consistency of the whisky feels watery and thin on the palate. The alcohols are there, vaporous and lashing the palate. Behind the assault of alcohol, there is some apple, soft but noticeable peat and chocolate with hints of vanilla and caramel.  It strikes me as a very chemical and medicinal tasting dram. 


The apple notes remain, with burning alcohols and a deep breath of nail polish. 

Bottom line: 

Don’t bother. This whisky goes from bad to worse; the nose seems to wreak of immaturity, the palate is rough and jaggered and whatever flavours are in the whisky hide behind a veil of sharp alcohol. I just don’t jive with this whisky. 

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