Romeo y Julieta No 2 (Cuba)


Name: Romeo y Julieta No 2 (Cuba)
Rating:  ★★★
Origin: Cuba
Cigar info: The Romeo y Julieta No 2 are machine made petit coronas with a ring gauge of 42.  Romeo y Julieta are perhaps one of the world’s most well-known Cuban cigar brands, with a “house” flavour commonly associated with wood and cedar. 
Draw: Good
Burn: Below average. The cigar had an uneven burn and it needed frequent puffing to stay alight. 
Construction: Average
Strength: Medium
Flavours: The Romeo y Julieta No 2 offers a lovely spectrum of flavours that are only let down by the below average burn of the cigar, which gives it harsh burning bonfire undertones that grind against the palate. Find wood, cloves, spice, campfire notes, burnt orange peel, lime, cracked pepper, curry powder  and a subtle toasted wood sappiness with wood vanillas. Towards the nub the cigar becomes harsher and more full flavoured with the spritz of lemon fresh dishwashing liquid and soap, entangled with denser tobacco and more flavours from the wrapper. 
Format: Petit Corona
Match with: Try this cigar with some dry wors or other peppery cured meats, or a spicy pot still Irish whiskey. 
Bottom line: Don’t bother. The No 2 in the range seems to be a hit and miss with consistency. The stick I last smoked had very impressive flavours,  but its construction and burn really let it down – the burn was uneven and the cigar needed a lot of frequent puffing to keep it alight. This resulted in a smoke that was marred by harshness and pronounced tar and bonfire flavours, though between those moments there was some really lovely spicy Cuban kick and complex flavours. That said, you could get that spicy Cuban kick of tobacco flavour in many other Cuban – or fuller flavoured Nicaraguan or Dominican – cigars, and not have to fret over the burn issues and inconsistent I have experienced with this cigar.  

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