La Flor Dominicana Oro (Dominican Republic)

 Flor dominicana

Name: La Flor Dominicana Oro Tubo No. 6
Rating: ★★★★
Origin: Dominican Republic
Cigar details: The owner of La Flor Dominicana, Litto Gomez, was a jeweler before entering the cigar industry and the “Oro” (gold in Spanish) seems to pay homage to this past. According to Litto Gomez, the “Oro” line is a Coronado blend that makes use of a Nicaraguan Habano sun grown wrapper taken from the higher priming on the tobacco plant. The binder and filler tobacco are grown in the Dominican Republic, at La Canela farm.
Draw: Superb, this cigar had a loose draw and was easy to smoke.
Burn: Flawless
Construction: Superb
Consistency: Good, but I noticed some varying degrees of potency between some cigars – some were more mellow than others. 
Flavours: That veiny wrapper taken from the higher priming of the tobacco  plant can only mean one thing – some serious Nicaraguan punch! That is exactly what you get, for the entire horse-powered ride – the first puff prickles the palate with smooth spice including green peppercorn alongside buttered burnt toast, as the oily wrapper lingers on the lips and the back palate is nipped with notes of bonfire. Woody notes develop a quarter in, with black olives, dried rosemary and a somewhat meaty smoked flavour of crispy bacon. Notes of citrus rind then begin to shine – first lemon, then lime and then orange joins the party – as ground coffee comes through what is a constant earthy note. That dry grass and bonfire note is spectacular, and continues to bite the back palate on the finish with burning embers and a thick smoke. The oily wrapper begins to fade mid-way, as the smooth spice is gradually replaced with more sharp and rigid spice – cracked pepper, for instance, which bites the taste buds. The finish is consistently full flavoured, with lots of flavour from the wrapper and that bonfire nip at back palate. 

Overall, this is a potent and powerful cigar that is best enjoyed after a big meal and on a full belly. It is a heavy full flavoured cigar that offers nicely integrated flavours which are all infused into the smoke, but occasionally they leap out. This cigar strikes me as one for the intermediate to seasoned cigar smoker, because it may knock the socks off a beginner. It struck me as no where near as potent as, say, Rocky Patel Decades so I would say it errs to the milder and mellower side of a full smoke. 

Format: Toro

Match with:

This cigar seemed so versatile it was almost scary, because it matched almost anything I threw at it – from Japanese whisky to richer Scotch malts, it was a winner. I particularly enjoyed it with Hakushu Distillers’ Reserve, which offered leafy and minty notes that refreshed the palate between puffs. To bring the cigar to life, try it with some richer malty whiskies which really bring out the spice and nuances of the wrapper – Glenrothes 1995, Cutty Sark (Prohibition, Tam O Shanter) or Johnnie Walker Blue Label. 

You can buy La Flor Dominicana Oro at The Famous Smoke Shop, just click here to purchase.

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