5 thoughts on “Hellyer’s Road 12 year old

  1. I’m so pleased to read your positive review! Me and my fellow whisky waffler, Ted, are going to the official launch of the 12 year old next week and I’m so keen to finally try it!
    Hellyers road is certainly the most affordable of Tasmania’s whiskies and while it does not have the x-factor that lark or nant produce, I’ve always liked its unique buttery-ness and supported it where I can – especially as it is my home town distillery!
    =D – Nick

  2. Just had a chance to try this – wow! Distinctly different – quite a character. We also found just a couple drop of water helped us fall in love with it. Now.. didn’t try it with a strong cheese but can imagine that would be a fabulous pairing!

  3. Hello There! I was fortunater enough tyo buy it when I was in Australia 2015 and it was an extremely good whisky!!
    Ola K

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