ACID Toast (Nicaragua)

Acid toast

Score: 91/100

Draw: Excellent.

Burn: Excellent.

Construction: Excellent, no complaints.

Consistency: Good.

Flavours: On drawing a rich and sweet honey hits the tongue and glows amidst smooth but dense tobacco smoke with hints of cinnamon and wood spice, then a sugary honey brightly shines on the lips with nutmeg and wet bark until it fades softly. This is a flavoursome mild to medium bodied cigar that is infused with sweet honey notes. I think it will please beginners and the cigar aficionado alike.

Origin: Nicaragua

Format: Toro

Matched with: The sweet infused honey in this cigar, and the smooth tobacco smoke carrying wood spice, matches beautifully with old sherry matured whisky with mild peat – the older the whisky the better, because as a peated whisky ages the peat notes soften and the oak notes become more pronounced. Peat can easily overpower this cigar, so stick with something nice and old or a lightly peated sherry/bourbon matured whisky with a clean flavour profile. Try it with Sheep Dip Old Hebridean 1990, Bunnahabhain 25 year old or even Johnnie Walker Black Label, Label 5 Gold Heritage, Black Grouse or Benriach 17 year old.  It also fairs nicely with non-peated whisky of course but nothing too sweet, try it with a medium-dry Oloroso sherry matured whisky if peat ain’t your thing!

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