Romeo y Julieta No 1 (Cuba)

Romeo y Julieta No 1


Score: 90/100

Draw: Excellent.

Burn: Excellent.

Construction: Excellent, no complaints.

Consistency: Good, I’ve smoked 7 of these cigars and have enjoyed every one.

Flavours: In my opinion, the Romeo y Julieta No 1 is underrated by many given that is is so widely available in the market. I found it had a smooth smoke that offered notes of leather, wood and a hint of tang with a floral, almost earthy, hue.

Origin: Cuba

Format: Cremas 

Matched with: The Romey y Julieta matched well with whisky and cognac that had a sweet entry that refreshed the palate, but then dried into the finish with nutty or woody notes to accentuate and compliment – rather than clash with – the leathery and woody notes from the Romeo No 1. Try it with Mackmyra Special 07, Hennessy Paradis, DEAU Louis Memory, Glengoyne Teapot Dram and Aberlour a’Bunadh, or, a whisky matured or finished in oloroso sherry casks or wine casks.

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