Montecristo No 2 (Cuba)

Monti 2

Score: 94/100

Draw: Excellent.

Burn: Excellent.

Construction: Excellent, no complaints.

Consistency: Good, I’ve smoked 5 of these cigars and have enjoyed every one.

Flavours: On first puff there was a sudden realisation that this was a classic cigar – rich wood, cocoa and spice interlaced the smooth, almost creamy, tobacco smoke. Mid-way through the cigar, however, a slight harshness emerged that detracted from the experience a little.  I didn’t hear any angel’s singing as I puffed away, so I think the hype surrounding this cigar is overrated. It is very good, just not what all the hype might suggest in my view.

Origin: Cuba

Format: Torpedo

Matched with: I think this accentuates and matches very well with some mildly or medium smoky or spicy whiskies on the market, consider Label 5 Gold Heritage, Glenrothes 2001, 1998 or 1995 vintage, Cutty Sark 12 year old or even Johnnie Walker Black Label. Normandin Mercier Extra is also a cognac that I think would match the spice and cocoa notes, along with other old cognacs that project lots of menthol or eucalyptus rancio notes such as DEAU Louis Memory.


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