Jameson Select Reserve


Jameson Select Reserve  
Near perfect 
Best served:
Imagine Jameson’s famous balance. Add a generous helping of pot still whiskey, a dash of ashy toasted wood, big vibrant bourbon and sherry notes and a mineral saltiness that crackles with grain and spice. That, in my opinion, is the Jameson Select Reserve. This is Irish whiskey at its finest, with a creative twist that makes it richer, fuller, spicier and toastier than the Jameson Original. It makes me want to leap out of my chair and set sail for the Emerald Isle… just after another dram. 

This small batch offering from Jameson combines ‘rich pot still whiskey and a rare sweet small batch grain whiskey’ which is matured in flame-charred bourbon barrels and toasted sherry casks. That explains the a lot about the character of this whiskey!

This is a whiskey that is ideal for people who enjoy Irish pot still whiskey, and want to try something with a creative twist that showcases a lot of charred American oak. 

Tasting notes:
Nose: Surges of ground pepper, spice and toasted ashy wood accompany a salty mineral fizz softened by soothing waves of vanilla which allows cream soda, dried apricot, apple skins, raisin and hints of banana chip to emerge with white almonds and the cough of Irish pot still character. This is a fusion of sherry and bourbon notes, encased in toasted wood and enlivened by grain. 

Taste: Deliciously smooth and velvety on the entry, it does not take very long to know that this is great whiskey – lip smacking in fact!  A blanket of toasted wood crumbling with fine dusty ash and interwoven with sweet sultana and luscious vanilla forms on the palate with glowing sherry and vibrant stone fruit notes (plum, cherries and nectarine). Beneath the blanket of rich fruit and ashy wood, spicy coloured peppercorns toss and turn with the restless flutter of the grain – malted and unmalted barley crackle alongside the sweet grain notes, and then recede in mid palate only to return with vengeance towards the finish. The sweetness is balanced by a saltiness that may, one thinks, be the result of alkaline salts found in pure ash. This is a beautiful whisky with a bit of everything – American and sherry oak with the charm of Irish pot still character and hints of ash. 

Finish: The pot still character glows on the palate with buttered popcorn and sweet red toffee apple, as the ashy charred wood balances against that sweetness and delivers that mineral saltiness.   

Complex, interesting, creative, rich, super smooth and enjoyable 

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