Inner Circle Green Dot

 Inner Circle

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:

Inner Circle Green Dot
2, medal, silver icon

Skewed to dry
Best served:

With water, mixed, in a cocktail  
Inner Circle Green Dot was a rum that had a pungent solvent character, but this was overcome in part with a splash of water which morphed those notes into softer wood/nail polish – a note that, strangely, complimented the character nicely. It was enjoyable with water, and it released some beautiful aromas that also proceeded to the palate and into a bone dry finish. The only negative with this rum is its mild solvent character that burns the nose, the throat and dries the mouth – a splash of water is highly recommended to reduce this harshness. Let the water and rum meld, and you’ll be a happy camper in no time. A very enjoyable and interesting rum!

Blind tasting notes:
Nose: This is harsh on the nose, with lots of solvent piercing the nostrils. Those solvent vapours mask the sugars, which shine through with dry bursts of cocoa, green mango, dried nectarine pip. Once the nose adjusts to the ferocity of this spirit (clearly pot still rum), soothing vanillas and chocolate emerge with bubblegum. This feisty best needs water!  With a generous splash of water, the fire dies down – a splash of water alters the character of this rum significantly. It softens. The solvent notes almost disappear, and in their place is polished mahogany with nail polish, mango, peaches, pineapple, coconut husk, vanilla, caramel, passion fruit banana bread drizzled with honey and a dollop of cookies and cream ice cream that is just melting in the sun (that is my weakness, cookies and cream at the beach!). The general theme on the nose is dry and spicy, but with occasional lashings of creaminess, fruit and confectionery (cherry and mint flavoured in particular) that actually becomes sweeter as the rum rests and is allowed to meld with the water.

Taste: Powerful, sharp, luscious and surprisingly enjoyable for such a violent rum – it is so turbulent on the palate, firing out spice and pepper with alcohol preserved raisins and citrus dusted with cocoa. With water the rum is gentler and more mouth-coating, immediately released more subdued sugars that glow on the palate with some of that varnish – under-ripe tart tropical fruit (green mango) and toffee begin to dry the palate but then comes a soothing wave of sticky date pudding, dark chocolate that is interrupted by drying wood, spices, hazelnuts and shimmers of peppermint.

Finish: That spice lingers as the palate continues to dry, notes of prune develop with a chocolate that progressively gets darker and darker – that bitterness and dryness progressively intensifies to the point where my checks are sucked in but this thumping punishment is strangely enjoyable (as most rum lovers or cask strength whisky lovers would know). With water, the intensity is reduced and the flavours long on and on – even minutes after swallowing the rum I can taste chocolate coated raisins, brown sugar, mild coffee notes, dry wood and the drying herbal note that now resembles fresh basil. The palate, as with the rum tasted neat, gets drier and drier. 

Would I have another measure? Yes.

Would I buy a bottle? Undecided. 

Powerful, complex
Tainted with mild harshness, dryness, solvent character  

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