Sullivan’s Cove American Oak HH537

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:
Sullivan’s Cove American Oak HH537
Single malt
3, medal, silver icon
Tasmania, Australia 
Best served:
American oak
Sweet winy theme on the palate with mixed berries, vanilla, spice and a drying finish with a dry herbaceous twist 
This single cask offering from Sullivan’s Cove is very easy drinking whisky and extremely enjoyable. Initially skewed to the sweet side with a burst of winy themed fruit, it then balances out with a drying finish and very spicy/dry herbaceous twist. I have been slightly disappointed with previous offerings from Sullivan’s Cove, but the HH537 hits the nail on the head in terms of enjoy-ability and distinctiveness. It also explains why this Tasmanian distillery is making a bigger splash in the whisky world with each passing year. 
Blind tasting notes:
Nose: Light, fruity (apple, green pear), delicate and floral with hints of chocolate (dark chocolate with mint comes in waves), vanilla fudge, caramel, sweet watermelon and raspberry infused white wine – strange how some whiskies share a similar bouquet to some wines, but this offers dry white wine on the nose with a herbaceous twist with mixed berries and oozing vanilla. The herbaceous twist is pretty fascinating actually, with dried parsley and oregano coming in flashes with wood spices (nutmeg especially) and wet bark/forest undergrowth.  
Taste: The sugars hit the palate and then die down as the oak acts as a counterweight to the sweetness which gradually recedes into a drying finish. This whisky is such a curiosity. The wine theme continues on the palate, but it is much sweeter and resembles moscato or a noble Riesling with spearmint and mild notes of vanilla, cloves, cardamon, nutmeg and cinnamon. The wine theme represents a fruitiness often found in white wine, with citrus notes for example accompanying the berries – this is very interesting whisky! The herbaceous notes on the nose have fallen away, and on the palate the spices take over.  
Finish: Sweet pear cider with a continuing white wine theme continues with the spices gradually taking on that dried herb theme on the nose. 

Would I have another dram? Yes.
Would I buy a bottle? Yes. 
Unique, spicy/herbaceous twist, sweet yet drying 
$130 (Aus)

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