Wild Turkey Forgiven

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:
Wild Turkey Forgiven

Bourbon/rye blend 
Бурбон / ржаная смесь

3, medal, silver icon
Kentucky, United States 
Medium, with lashes of rye  
Soft and smooth 
Best served:
Spicy rye notes, smoothing vanilla, yogurt coated raisin, dates, chocolate, cocoa, wood, maple, grain, sourdough, complex sugars

Пряный оттенок рожь, сглаживания ваниль, йогурт покрытием изюм, финики, шоколад, какао, дерева, клена, зерно, закваска, сложные сахара
Tasting notes:
It is claimed that the team at Wild Turkey unwittingly blended rye whiskey with bourbon, and rather than pour the batch down the drain the company decided to market the product as “Forgiven”, a 91 proof 22% rye and 78% bourbon blend that was so good to the blenders at Wild Turkey that the team was forgiven for their mistake and everyone lived happily ever after in flavour country – the blue grass state, Kentucky! 
It is pretty hard to believe that this was a mistake – the flavours are integrated and the bourbon/rye blend seems to be at an almost ideal ratio. This is seriously delicious whiskey with a spicy rye twist, absolutely spot on by the team at Wild Turkey (even if it was accident) and superb work by Eddie Russell, Associate Master Distiller, in spotting a winning blend. 
Nose: Spicy rye notes, mild sharp vapours and charred dry wood are softened by the waft of luscious bourbon notes – yogurt coated raisins and dates are moderated by sparks of bitter dark chocolate as a luscious wave of vanilla and white chocolate seems to calm the energetic crackles of spicy rye that cut through the sweet brown sugar and cereal notes of corn bread and maple drizzled over pancakes. The sharp vapours are similar wet paint, nail polish and brown vinegar, but this is definitely not a bad thing – next time you bake or cut open a loaf of sourdough, smell it and you will pick up some interesting notes.  
Taste: A wave of spicy rye, peppery and intense, bursts on the palate with salted caramel notes and hints of red wine vinegar. That spice lingers on the palate, but it is calmed and smoothed by a layer of vanilla, brown sugar, raisin and cotton candy as the grain soothes and explodes at the same time while the rye keeps whizzing around the taste buds as they tingle with life.  
Finish: The calming layer of vanilla and bourbon notes gradually recedes as the whiskey rests on the palate after swallowing, and with that comes a re-emergence of the spicy rye notes with added cereal and sweet toffee. 
Balanced, spicy notes, calming vanillas and sugars 
$90 (Aus)

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