Pusser’s Navy Rum Aged 15 Years (Nelson’s Blood)

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:
Pusser’s Navy Rum Aged 15 Years


3, medal, silver icon

British Virgin Islands
Soft with lashes of fury
Thick and velvety 
Near perfect 
Best served:
Rich, dense, smooth, spice, dense sugars (burnt, brown, caramelized), sharp, raisin, prune, compote, vanilla bean, spice, pomegranate, papaya, coffee, creamy, buttery, chocolate, mild drying citrus 

Богатая, плотная, гладкая, специи, плотная сахара (сожжены, коричневый, карамелизированным), острый, изюм, чернослив, компот, стручок ванили, специй, гранаты, папайя, кофе, сливочное, маслянистый, шоколад, цитрусовые мягкой сушки

Pusser’s 15 Year Old rum offers sublime texture that coats the palate with a buttery glow, calming the storm of dense sugars, tropical fruit and dry spice/wood notes that finish with chocolate and soft drying citrus – this is a rich Navy style rum buzzing with an energy that is softened by delightful texture, finesse and balance… Splice the mainbrace!

Tasting notes:
For over 300 years sailors in the British Royal Navy were issued daily rations of rum by the ship’s “Purser”, and it is claimed that before battle the sailors were given two pints of lovely Navy rum – it can only be imagined, to assist them in missing targets and falling over themselves on the way to the fight. Just kidding, we’ve all heard of “Dutch Courage” and those brave men would have needed something to keep them from tensing up on the way to a bloody battle. On 31 July 1970 daily rations of rum were abolished in the Royal Navy – fair call some might say, drunken sailors aren’t the most effective people to navigate modern warships and avert Soviet nuclear submarines. In 1979, an enterprising Charles Tobias gained the rights to the blend by the Admirality and formed Pusser’s Ltd in part to replicate the blend of rum that had kept the British Navy swashbuckling for centuries. Not only this, but Pusser’s continues to use the original 200+ year old wooden pot stills that were used to make the British Navy Rum. Pusser’s is the only rum producer in the world to use wooden pot stills, which, you would imagine, have soaked up some very interesting compounds over a couple of centuries! 

Nose: Like the bash of an unexpected wave, this rum hits the nose with a blunt force that is soft yet powerful – the spicy bursts of freshly ground coffee, pepper and cocoa intermingle with burnt caramelized sugars that are softened by the herbaceous glow of mint, soft calf leather and soothing buttered popcorn.  The pot still character and dryness is interlaced with sumptuous creamy notes that carry bright tropical fruit including banana confectionery, fresh papaya flesh and seeds, lychee, tangy passion fruit. All the while the beautiful sugar notes fill the glass, morphing from the creme brulee to simple brown sugar as a dry sharpness (under-ripe yellow plums, wet paint) cuts through all the character.  

Taste: Gentle sugars softly and elegantly dance on the palate, and then the character progressively develops with a sudden surge of dense sugars (burnt caramelized sugar, syrupy raisin and prune compote with vanilla bean), tangy pomegranate with papaya and dry spicy notes of pepper, a rich earthiness and a resurgence of the coffee theme but this time as a creamy affogato with coffee sediment (not expresso or filtered coffee, but sweetened Greek/Turkish coffee) – that creaminess is sublime, and as this rum rests on the palate the rich buttery texture calms the storm of dry wood spice notes and dense sugars. 

Finish: The rum’s texture allows it to rest on the palate, and as it rests it softened the rich sugars and dry notes with the glow of butter, chocolate and mild blood orange with notes of mandarine.

Rich, complex, soft yet powerful – this rum has it all! 
$110 (Aus), £41 (UK)

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