Normandin Mercier Extra Petite Champagne

Spirit Name:

Spirit Type:
Normandin Mercier Extra Petite Champagne

3, medal, silver icon
Cognac, France 
Near perfect 
Best served:
Petite Champagne 
Vanilla, caramel, wood, toffee, marmalade, spice, mint, menthol, banana, coffee
Heavier than the Normandin Mercier Extra Grande Champagne, this cognac is more dominated by the vanilla, caramel and wood notes as it shines with a herbal glow and cooked fruit. 
Tasting notes:
Normandin Mercier offer two products labelled “Extra”, one being distilled from grapes exclusively from Grande Champagne in Cognac and the other being distilled from grapes exclusively from Petite Champagne in Cognac. The difference in the two products can be the result of many things including distillation, vintage and maturation in the wood but many accept that the terrain of Grande Champagne – with its chalky soil – is the jewel in the Cognac crown closely followed by Petite Champagne. 
The difference between the Grande Champagne and the Petite Champagne is significant – the Grande Champagne offers a lighter experience with flavours more integrated with sweet floral and fruit notes dominating with surges of aggression, while the Petite Champagne offers a heavier experience with the vanillas, caramels and wood notes dominating. 

Nose: The vanillas, caramels and wood notes are more pronounced than in the Grade Champagne which has more floral notes than the petite Champagne – the vanilla is rich and complex, intermingling with caramel and fruit including preserved cherries, dried apricots and raisins. Nutmeg, cloves and mild notes of coconut develop with sweet cigarette tobacco and cedarwood. The distillate itself is heavier than the Grande Champagne, and plagued ever so slightly more by sharp thumps of varnish and treated pine. Within the luscious layers of fruit and vanilla lies something rich and beautiful – at first it is slightly harsh, but as this cognac rests in the glass it develops into something resembling pancakes with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup.

Taste: Dense syrup and caramel hits the palate with toffee and marmalade with cooked plums and a herbal twang of that shines with menthol and mint confectionery all held together with soft vanilla notes. The herbaceous shine then recedes with a wave of buttery vanilla as the wood and caramels return.
Finish: Caramel drizzled over banana lingers with mild notes of coffee, as the palate begins to dry and the fruit notes recede to the wood influence. 

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