Glenmorangie The Original

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:
Glenmorangie The Original
Single malt
1, bronze, medal icon

Highlands, Scotland
Best served:
White wine (starting dry, then developing sweeter varieties with associated fruit), almond, nougat, sweet perfume, orange peel, marmalade, melon, vanilla, apricot, fine, light
Tasting notes:
Glenmorangie The Original is superfine spirit. Glenmorangie’s stills are claimed to be the tallest in Scotland, and taller stills tend to produce spirit that is finer, lighter and more delicate than shorter stills. 
Stills at The Glenmorangie

Nose: Dried apricots and white wine are washed away by layers of almond nougat and honeycomb chocolate – if you have ever bitten into a “Crunchie” bar after the whiff of Italian almond nougat fills the air with a sweet floral perfume, then this whisky is very similar! It has a spectacularly complex nose that is delightful, but on the palate it delivers a sharp unbalanced whack that then balanced out.  

Taste: Initially sweet, a sharp astringency develops which again brings to the fore chardonnay with hints of sweeter white wine developing towards the finish. There is a crispness about this whisky that ignites surges of marmalade and sharp alcohol with sweet shards of caramel and vanilla. The sharp tartness balanced out as sweeter honeyed and candied fruits develop. 

Finish: Sweet but dry, with that sweeter white wine – now Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio – lingering on the palate with hints of melon, vanilla, apricots and some orange peel. 

Superfine and superb nose! 
A tad unbalanced and dominated by some notes
$67 (Aus), £30

2 thoughts on “Glenmorangie The Original

    1. Hi Norm. Thanks for getting in touch. Whisky that has been non filtered sometimes becomes cloudy or hazy when it is cooled. This is because such whisky tends to have more fatty acids, esters etc that are stripped away with filtration. If the whisky you’re speaking of is “non chill filtered”, this is probably why it goes cloudy when in the fridge. It is fine to drink! Cloudy whisky may look off putting, though, which is why some whisky is filtered to look nice and clear even when cold. Non chill filtered whisky tends to be my preference, because it retains all those lovely fatty acids, esters etc for taste and mouth feel. Hope this answers your question. Cheers, Angelo

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