Francois Voyer Grande Champagne 25 Years

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:
Francois Voyer Grande Champagne 25 Years
Cognac, France
Supple and soft
Best served:
Folle Blanche, Bacco 22A, Colombard
Limousin oak, with medium toast

Bright, soft, complex, summer and tropical fruits, vanilla, candied fruit, cream, floral, chocolate, passion fruit, nuts, toffee, plums, wood, white pepper, caramel  
Fresh, fruity, grassy and herbaceous with a tangy twist, this cognac is superbly crafted and exhibits the finesse and maturity that only the finest cognacs exhibit with a bright summery glow – beautiful artwork by Francois Voyer reflected in this 25 years old cognac
Tasting notes:
The vines used by the Voyer family have been cultivated since the French Revolution, and the family have a cognac producing history spanning five generations that has remained exclusively within the Grande Champagne region of Cognac. An obvious, to my eyes at least, result of all this hard work is a carefully crafted 25 years old cognac that is distinctive in style and character, and, most impressive, beaming with fruit and brightness despite its old age. Sit back and enjoy this cognac, which glows with shades of character that shift and change in the glass.

Nose: A fresh and mild aroma of suede, polished wood and tobacco cut through the sweet notes of quince paste, raisins and dates – the suede develops into freshly polished leather shoes and as the cognac rests the smell of roasted almonds develops with the faint note of whipped vanilla bean cream and fresh mint leaves. The amazing thing about this particular cognac is that its bouquet is disappointing at first, but it develops in the glass and its character morphs and changes to provide one of the most interesting nosing experiences. The glow of preserved candied cherries now shines with cherry ripe, coconut dusted rum balls and tinned peaches, nectarines and cherries.

Taste: The story begins with a bright sweet summery start – the fruits shine on the palate in the form of peaches and cream, candied orange and chocolate layered lime blossom with hints of honey as the tang of passion fruit develops with the burst of its seeds. The mood of the cognac then darkens, with the husks of fresh almonds and blood plums, toffee and hazelnuts.

Finish: The tangy flavour of passion fruit returns once the fatty nuts subside, and it beams through the oak notes with toasted wood notes and the mild burn of white pepper. As the peppery notes fade, green mango and caramel softly shine, until it all fades – beautifully balanced, not too dry or sweet.

Complex, bright and fruity without overbearing sweetness – this is a quarter century aged cognac without the mustiness but with the maturity, subtlety and finesse
$200 (Aus)


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