Ardbeg Corryvreckan

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:
Ardbeg Corryvreckan
Single malt
3, medal, silver icon

Islay, Scotland
Velvet hammer
Neat perfect 
Best served:
Peat, mixed berries, tar ropes, medicinal notes, cotton bandages, dark chocolate, glazed cherries, salt, fudge, vanilla, custard, salted caramel, mild spice 
Burning embers of peat swirl in a perfect storm that unleashes a fiery burst peat smoothed by luscious layers of vanilla and fruit as a distinct saltiness intensifies to the finish. The Corryvreckan offers near perfect balance that allows all the different elements to ignite and shine on the palate – peat, brine, salt, medicinal notes, fruit, vanilla. 
Tasting notes:
The Ardbeg Corryvreckan is named after a whirlpool that sits to the north of Islay in Scotland – great name for a whisky that twirls on the palate with ferocity, and yet retains a blunt smash of super smoothness that allows all the different flavours to shine.

Nose: Sweet red berries shine through the smoke rising from burning embers of peat that are smoothed by dense vanilla fudge and caramel filled chocolate. The nose on this whisky is gentle and calm, with the occasional breeze of character swirling in the glass – a swirl of diverse character that startles the senses with something new each time. A saltiness develops as the whisky rests in the glass, mineral like, and it compliments the sweet fruit and fudge beautifully as it takes on the aroma of salted caramel with medicinal notes and cotton bandages in the background. Those medicinal notes then develop into tar ropes, dense and rich.  

Taste: The gentle swirls of character on the nose suddenly build in intensity, as a storm brews – the peat and salt ignite on the palate as torrents of chocolate and glazed cherries smash against the current of vanilla and salt. Those salty mineral notes intensify into the bite of a cube of prosciutto with hot sprices as band aids and betadine develop within the layers of vanilla and smoky peat. This whisky offers everything that an Islay lover could want in a whisky, and more, with a big burst of saltiness. 

Finish: The ashy taste of a dying cigar glows on the palate with soft notes of custard and mixed berries, as a cured meat saltiness builds in intensity with mixed spices and anise seed and then recedes like a gentle tide going out to sea. 

Massive layers of complexity within a ferocious and yet super smoother exterior 
$145 (Aus), £66 (UK)

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