Ardmore Traditional Cask

Spirit Name:
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Ardmore Traditional Cask
Single malt

3, medal, silver icon

Highlands, Scotland
Near perfect
Best served:

Second maturation in ex-bourbon barrels

Dan Murphy’s
Whisky Exchange

Sweet peat, creamy vanilla, white chocolate, yogurt drops, dried fruit, raisin, bourbon, dates, buttery, cereal notes
The glow of sweet Highland peat intermingles with creamy vanillas and bourbon notes of toasted wood and dried fruit as a buttery lusciousness smooths the peat as it gradually recedes to a dry wood finish of dates and ripe fruit. 

Tasting notes:
Ardmore single malt whisky offers a unique character that in my view results from five practices: 

  1. First, Ardmore uses peat for drying the barley it uses to produce whisky, and this gives the whisky the taste of Highland peat (being the only Highland distillery to fully peat its whisky, Ardmore offers a unique experience);
  2. Second, Ardmore’s fermentation vessels are made from Oregon pine instead of stainless steel, which is also claimed to impart distinct flavours into the spirit;
  3. Third, like its sister distillery Laphroaig, Ardmore places its whisky in “quarter casks” for a second maturation, and this speeds up the maturation because “quarter casks” are much smaller than ordinary sized casks. Increased surface area between the whisky and the oak means that the whisky has more interaction with the oak, and in turn the whisky can draw out the flavour of the oak more quickly than in larger casks; 
  4. Fourth, Ardmore barrier filters rather than chill filters its whisky and this means that the whisky retains more natural oils and flavours; and
  5. Fifth, Ardmore is bottled at 46% ABV which means that it offers more of a kick than most single malts which are usually bottled at 40% or 43%. 
The result of the above five practices is a whisky of unique character and high quality.  

Nose: Sweet peat intermingles with honey, mixed dried fruit, yogurt drops and white chocolate. As the whisky rests the honey develops into caramel, as it gradually caramelizes and burns ever so slightly. The notes fruit began as cherries and cranberry, but then developed into raisins with Brazil nuts – the aroma is nutty yet bitter. 

Taste: The peat is softened by creamy vanillas and caramel notes shine through the buttery shortbread and cereal notes – the maturation in ex-bourbon barrels is evidence, as the raisin and vanilla notes are carried by a toasted wood foundation and smooth the spice and peat. 

Finish: The buttery notes on the palate continue as the peat gradually recedes to the glow of toasted oak and dates.

Distinct, unique and complex

$70 (Aus), £30 (UK)

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