Courvoisier 21 Years Old

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Courvoisier 21 Years Old
干邑 21岁

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A perfect storm – soft and elegant
Nearest to perfect!
Best served:
Grande Champagne
Troncais oak
Fresh stone fruit (dark cherries, plums), preserved fruit (orange liqueur jam, cherry jam), dried fruit (sultana, dates, dried figs), tropical fruit (banana, paw paw, banana, mango), candied citrus, soft leather, herbs, tobacco, cigar box, mint, cocoa, cream, vanilla, nuts, flowers (rose petals, iris), dry wood, mild wine and muscat grapes

This cognac offers smooth tranquility within which a storm of super fine detail rages – the character dances with elegance and finesse and yet electrifies the taste buds with nuances of complexity. The complex fruit balances the dryness as mint and tobacco shine within layers of creaminess that soften the sparks of citrus that lie alongside nuts and sweet flowers. Napoleon and Busta Rhymes can’t both be wrong, now “pass the Courvoisier”… 

Tasting notes:

Cognac that has an “XO” on the bottle indicates that the cognac is at least six years old, and should not be read to mean that all the cognac in the bottle is “extra old”. Courvoisier is the very first of the major Cognac houses to maintain an internal tracking system that allows them to determine accurately the age of the eaux-de-vie. The result of over two decades of tracking is a new breed of cognac, which is at least 21 years old. This creates a cognac with elegance, finesse and a purity untainted by young eaux-de-vie. Not only does this cognac have an age statement, but all of it is from Grande Champagne – magnifique!

Established in 1809 when Napolean was Emperor of France, the house of Courvoisier was allegedly visisted by Napolean himself and to this very day Courvoisier proudly announces that it is “Le Cognac de Napoleon“. Today Courvoisier is one of the four major cognac houses of France together with Hennessy, Remy Martin and Martell. 

The “alchemie” refers to the different stages of cognac production used by Courvoisier, and you can gain an insight into these steps with the following video. 

Nose: There is a piercing candied fruit sweetness about the nose that is softened by cream and balanced by cocoa and herbaceous notes. The sweetness comes in the form of preserved and tropical fruit – orange and Cointreau jam, black cherry jam, glazed oranges, banana bread and tropical fruit (mango, guava, paw paw, banana) and fresh fig. It is clear that these aromas are highly complex, and not just sweet but have elements of bitterness that provide balance. Undertones of soft calf leather develop with a cigar box, which includes the tobacco, dry paper and the wood. The sweetness that thickens into caramel and candied oranges, as lemon sponge cake develops with mixed nuts (Brazil nuts and walnuts) together with sultana and dates. All this resembles a syrup glazed pecan pie with vanilla and dried apricots. The nose is also floral, with a sweet flowery perfume forming a haze that compliments the cognac beautifully. This cognac is harmonious and offers a beautifully integrated character. 
Taste: Initially creamy, the buttery softness of this cognac elegantly coats the palate with vanilla and creme Anglais Creamy and spicy fruit loaf develops with dried fruit and nuts (darker than on the nose – dates, dried figs, raisins). Within that creamy blanket of heaven shines a herbal garden of mint and tobacco, which glow brightly and illuminate the sparks of dark chocolate and dark cherries that balance the sweeter fruit. This cognac tingles magically on the palate, leaving the bite of a cigar and dark stone fruits that flicker very mildly with wine.  
Finish: The cherries linger as the bite of a thick unlit cigar brings notes of tobacco that intermingle with cocoa and creamy vanilla
Highly complex and beautiofully integrates, this cognac offers near pure harmony of flavours that dance on the palate with finesse 
$230 (Aus, US), £160 (UK)

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