Baker’s Bourbon

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:
Baker’s Bourbon
2, medal, silver icon
Kentucky, United States
Velvety and syrupy
Near perfect
Best served:
7 years
Licorice, peppermint, fisherman’s friend, corn, rye, velvety, soft yet powerful, sour cream, cocoa, caramel, vanilla, pastry, polished wood, oak, nuts, dark dried berries, sour cherries, smoky oak
Baker’s Bourbon shines with Southern charm and darn good manners, with a silky smooth texture and delightful balance. Hidden deep within, though, is a temper that, when unleashed, releases fireworks of fruit, caramel, vanilla, grain, pastry and a smoky haze of Kentucky magic – this is seriously beautiful bourbon.
Tasting notes:
Baker’s Bourbon is park of Jim Beam’s small batch collection, and it takes its name from the grand nephew of Jim Beam. The valvetty texture of Baker’s Bourbon may be attributed not only to seven years of maturation, but also the use of a special strain of jug yeast that has been used by the Beam family for over 60 years.
Nose: Sharp notes of licorice and peppermint fisherman’s friends pierce the nose, but just enough to let the sparks of rye and soft corn bread to shine. As the whiskey rests in the glass, the oak becomes more pronounced with notes of cocoa and the mild aroma of sour cream or yogurt softens the flecks of grain that glint in the backdrop of gooey caramel and vanilla layered over rum and raisin. The polished wood of library desks wafts up. This is powerful and has a lively presence in the glass, fascinating bourbon!
Taste: A sweet surge of maple syrup texture floods the palate with charred oak and a granular vanilla pastry with alcohol preserved prunes, mixed nuts (pine nuts and almonds in particular) and banana. The bitterness and sweetness intensify in sync, and the progression of flavours never becomes unbalanced – just as the bitter and dry oak begins to dominate, the sweet raisin and corn acts as a counterbalance. This is beautiful bourbon.
Finish: Dried berries and sour cherries linger on the palate with the hazy smoke of dry oak, and within the fumes shines subtle nuances of pastry, walnuts and vanilla. Spicy, the finish lasts a decent while and progressively lessens into a delicious vapour of smoke – beautiful!
$70 (Aus), $45-$50 (US)


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