Ballentine’s 12 Year Old

Spirit Name:
Spirit Type:
Ballentine’s 12 Year Old
Blended whisky
3, medal, silver icon
Best served:
Floral, wet dough, mild new spirit, sweetened vine tomatoes, sherry, banana confectionery, honey, hot chocolate, marshmallow, croissant, vanilla, prunes in syrup
Soft but with some spark, the cask influence interacts with the oak and grain to create a show of dessert and fruit interlaced with some dough and the finish of prune in syrup
Tasting notes:
Nose: An initial bouquet of flowers is interrupted by the occasional gust carrying mild grassy notes. The smell of wet dough is there, indicating that the new spirit still shines and that all the wrinkles have not yet been ironed out by the oak. The strangest smell develops, vine tomatoes still attached to the stem. This may make my grandfather proud, but I can smell the fresh tomatoes in the garden as it develops into ketchup – all the other character interacts with the cask influence to produce this distinct aroma. Then a true childhood memory arises in the form of banana lollies that intermingle with shavings of dark chocolate as marshmallows slowly melt in the heat of a vanilla rich hot chocolate with honey. The nose on this whisky is something special!
Taste: Mild, mouth-filling and wholesome. The flints of grain spark within the oak inspired chocolate croissant as the youthfulness on the nose does not transfer to the palate. The texture quickly becomes watery, though, after a promising start. This whisky is so frustrating, because it is so wonderful in some ways but disappointing in others. Not the most complex taste, the sweet distillate brings mild licorice with lashings of cocoa and vanilla from the oak as a calming green fruit note shines.
Finish: Prunes in syrup sit with the mild burn of alcohol adding some fire.
Sparks of complexity in some areas
Inconsistent, with some new spirit tainting the overall experience
$44 (Aus), £32 (UK)

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