Camus XO Elegance

Spirit Type:
1, bronze, medal icon
Cognac, France  
Best served:

Floral, chocolate, nuts, praline, vanilla, tannins, honey, dried fruits, preserved fruits, caremalised sugar, dark chocolate

In a nutshell:
The fullness of this cognac delivers a solid wave of character that has subtle shades, most prominently dark chocolate, vanilla, hazelnuts and bitter-sweet burnt toffee drizzled with golden honey and layered with dried fruits and sweet plum jam/orange marmalade.  
Aromatic, this cognac delivers the perfume of a bouquet of all six Cognac crus
Too sweet, was expecting some more oak influence and spice.
10/06/2013, 11/06/2013, 12/06/2013, 15/07/2013, 6/09/2013 
$200 (Aus)

The Camus (pronounced “Camu”) XO Elegance is aged for at least six years and comprises of eaux-de-vie from all six Cognac crus. This cognac is superb, with an almost creamy mouth-feel and surge of character that bursts on the palate and progressively develops. The major disappointment with this cognac is, in my view, its balance. It is very fruity and almost too sugary without the moderating force of the spicy oak. 


Drawing its character from an aging process which includes gradually reducing the moisture in the cellar, this cognac offers a fullness that releases a floral aroma intermingling with the perfume of burnt toffee and some dark chocolate coated hazelnuts and sultana. The fruity sweetness is abundant and almost steals the show as its sugary heart resembles a plum jam that has some fresh plum shining in the background, not much though. Some notes of spice kick in, but nothing spectacular.  


On the palate the toffee develops into stone fruits (apricot, blood plum) and praline drizzled with honey as waves of luscious vanilla are moderated a little by grape tannins and the oak influence that brings sparks of spice including star anise and notes of licorice. The plum jam identified on the nose mingles with orange marmalade, as the orange peel interacts with the sugars while the drop of golden honey and maple lingers on the tongue. Very lovely cognac, but, again, much too fruity in my view without the spark of spice or bitter surge or oak to moderate the fructose preserved fruity theme. There is some bitterness from caremalised sugar, zest and burnt toffee, but again, this bitterness is derived from a sweet sugary foundation.


The finish is lingering and long with ripened fig delivering bursts of sweetness and subtle nuances of the crushed seeds alongside the skin with some dryness.It is very long lasting and provides a delightful glow.     


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